6 reasons to trust a private investigator in finding out the truth

12 August 2020
6 motive pentru a apela la un investigator privat

Although the first official investigator was recorded only in 1833, when Eugene Francois Vidocq founded the first private investigator agency, the human need to find out the truth and to obtain the necessary evidence dates further back.

Over the years, private investigative agencies have constantly evolved and developed increasingly complex services to assist clients in cases ranging from cheating in love and divorce to effective intervention and the dismantling of illicit groups identified in various industries, from energy to real estate, from insurance to agriculture.

Mystery novels written by famous authors such as Agatha Christie, famous private investigators such as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, Hollywood movies or successful television shows, all have contributed to increasing the fame of private investigators and often presented only the adventurous part of the profession.

Although each of us has a small investigator inside, ready to take on an adventure, here are 6 reasons why we should leave the search for the truth to the professionals.

  1. Private investigators know and abide by the law.

There are two important aspects. The first is that a private investigator will doing his/her job abiding all regulations in force.

In SPIA, for instance, the working methods and the equipment used strictly abide by the international quality standards. In addition, to the implemented norms regarding:

  1. quality management (ISO 9001),
  2. security of information (ISO 27001) and
  3. occupational health and safety management (ISO 45001),

all investigations strictly observe both the human rights and freedoms, as well as the legal regulations in force.

The second important aspect is that the necessary evidence may be used by criminal investigation bodies or in the court, only if they have been obtained under the corresponding legal framework.

The law infringing evidence is not only useless in holding liable the guilty parties, depending on how it has been obtained, but it also reveals to them the existence of any suspicion and an investigation would be carried out.

  1. Private investigators are objective.

Objectiveness is one of the greatest advantages of investigators.

The main mission of private investigations is finding out the truth, regardless if it is to the liking or benefit of the client, or not. An investigator does not interpret deeds or evidence in any way, but merely obtains them and reports them to the beneficiary.

In addition, the investigated suspects might sometimes be known to the client, which increases the subjectivity risk in how the investigation is being carried out or might determine the lack of objectivity of the final report, in the event that the investigation is not carried out by a professional.

Specifically for this reason, the SPIA motto is not only a slogan printed on advertised materials, but a specific trait for our organisation. We tell the truth! is the promise we undertake till the end, even if the truth found following our investigations may create discomfort to the client who hired us.

  1. Private investigators have the necessary expertise and means. 

After hundreds or thousands of investigated cases, a private investigator will know exactly how to approach the issue stated by the client. Moreover, it might be possible that the first meetings reveal new issues, which might not have been considered until then, as well as some views based on prior case experience.

Private investigators have diverse and complex investigation methods, which are not accessible to individuals who are not part of this area.

  1. They are discreet.

Discretion is part of a private investigator’s DNA. This is a quality we find in any investigation activity aspect, from the first meeting with the client and up to the presentation of the final report, with the investigation results.

Here are the main 3 reasons why discretion is vital:

  1. It protects the investigation. The investigated parties are not warned on any suspicion lying upon them, nor that a thorough search is being carried out.
  2. It protects the employer client and his/her interests.
  3. It protects the private investigator and allows him/her to operate without the risk of being revealed and endangered.

For SPIA, full discretion is one of the 4 values which guide its business, behaviour and the decisions of all employees. With professionalism, integrity and trust, full discretion has become a lifestyle for us.

  1. He/she teaches you tricks ensuring prevention for the future.

A good private investigator will do much more than confirm or deny a hunch, and even more than merely collect the necessary evidence.

A private investigator who is a trustworthy partner will teach the client how to avoid, in the future, similar situations to the one causing the investigation and not only.

Prevention is much less costly than treatment in any area, and the protection of company interests may be done based on specific recommendations and specialised legal consulting, a service also included in the SPIA portfolio.

  1. It allows you to deal with your business.


Within the SPIA, we fully understand the inconveniences faced by clients using our service. From investigating current or potential employees or business partners to identifying some partners involved in fraud or information leaks, from the documentation and restructuring of organised groups specialising in beneficiary fraud to complex criminal law litigations concerning embezzlement, abuse of office and deceit with severe consequences, done by former or current contractual partners, finding out the truth is much more than a mere desire. It is a necessity.

Finding out the truth and protecting the interests, as well as the legal and financial health are basic needs for a company. At the same time, they are specific activities, requiring specialised and professional knowledge.

Depending on the complexity, an investigation may last from one month to over half a year. Although it entails a financial investment, hiring a private investigator will allow you to delegate the search of the truth and to focus solely on managing or growing your business.

At the same time, the SPIA mission lies in the commitment we take towards all our clients: identifying immediate risks and indisputable evidence necessary for companies, through customised investigation services, private surveillance, and specialized legal consulting.

Contact us if your business needs either the identification of risks or adopting security measures, as well as direct intervention, if the illicit act has already occurred or is in progress! Contact us at the email address contact@spiaromania.com or using the contact form available on the website.