SPIA's story

12 August 2020
Povestea SPIA Romania

SPIA, in short for Secret Private Investigations Agency, will be celebrating, in November of 2020, 8 year of activity.

According to the external audit of marketing and brand perception carried out in the first half of 2020, SPIA is recognized as the leader of theRomanian new generation of private investigators. The company addresses exclusively legal entities and companies in industries such as insurance, energy, law, investment, agriculture or real estate. There are areas that deal with numerous attempts of fraud and financial fraudulent approaches, which is why they turn to private investigation services and rely on professionals in the field to find out the truth.

Since SPIA’s establishment, the two founders of the company wanted to develop a portfolio of services and methods of investigation that they had the opportunity to experience abroad and that were missing, at that time, from the industry in Romania.

After a period of training, licensing and practice in private detective agencies in the country, Marius Porceanu, Founder CEO of SPIA, is aware that the only way he can bring change to the industry is to start on his own. In November 2012, he set up the Secret Private Investigations Agency, in short, SPIA, and the partnership with the first large corporate client began just a few months later.

The 8 years of activity meant for SPIA not only valuable experience acquired in investigations and private surveillance, but also many lessons learned, such as protecting the interests of a company in at least two ways: either by prevention, i.e. by identifying risks or taking safety measures, or offensively, by intervention, if the illegality has already been produced or it is in progress.

SPIA’s methodology and techniques are constantly updated and customized according to each case approached, and the investigation procedures and equipment used strictly abide by international quality standards.

The Agency has implemented rules on quality management (ISO 9001), information security (ISO 27001), occupational health and safety management (ISO 45001) and constantly monitors the opportunity to adopt new quality standards.

However, without human resources, state-of-the-art equipment and a creative approach to cases would not be worth as much. SPIA’s team of investigators has constantly evolved, both in terms of numbers and certificates and specializations in information investigations and operational supervision.

Since the 2 founders in 2012, the team now has 24 employees and over 60 collaborators, nationally and internationally. By the end of 2021, the increase in the number of employees and collaborators will exceed 15%.

Since August 2019, Marius Porceanu has remained the sole partner and administrator of SPIA, and his plans for the development of Secret Private Investigations Agency are the basis of the company’s new vision.

SPIA’s vision, to be the first choice of Romanian companies that want to protect their interests by finding out the truth, is not only a business objective, but also a professional and personal challenge for each team member.

The mission of SPIA is to identify immediate risks and the indisputable evidence necessary for companies, through customised investigation services, private surveillance and specialized legal consulting.

We are telling you the truth! it is not just the slogan on communication materials. This is a promise that the company keeps till the, even if the truth discovered after the investigations can create discomfort.