What exactly does a private investigation agency do?

12 August 2020
Ce face o agentie de investigatii private

According to the Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language, an investigation is a thorough search, done systemically, for the purposes of discovering something. The investigator is the person hired or delegated to conduct said thorough search, to discover and to collect evidence or proof of any kind.

The second word of the private investigation phrase refers to the fact that private investigators do not act on behalf of the state, of the government or of the police, but they are hired by individual or legal entities.

Therefore, the private investigator is not a law enforcement office, although it is authorised by the state institutions.

There are several types of investigations, depending on the needs of the person requesting such service.

The domestic investigations comprise deception in romantic relationships, evidence for divorce or custody, missing person cases, etc.

Legal investigations are those conducted for attorneys or law firms, whose clients require the services of a private investigation agency.

Corporate investigations are aimed to companies from various areas, from insurance to energy, to agriculture or real estate.

Cyber investigations refer to the fraud attempts carried out in the online environment.

In Romania, private investigation companies include a range of services in their portfolio and rarely focus on a single category of the ones listed above. However, there are companies preferred by most players in a certain area, this leading to their specialisation on various areas.

A good example in this regard are SPIA’s investigators, which, in the last 7 of the 8 years of company business, have investigated and solved complex cases, with various levels of difficulty, in the energy sector. The research and accommodation with the specifics of the sector have been done constantly, along the years and throughout the case resolution process, upon discovering new methods to fraud the system.

Nowadays, SPIA is the private investigation company with the most qualified investigators in the energy sector. Their actions have led to obtaining data and information, which resulted in restructuring organised groups, specialised in energy crimes.

However, what exactly does a private investigation company do?

Here are several examples of services, which the leader of a new generation of private investigators in Romania makes available for companies:

Economical-financial investigations, such as investigating a ghost-company, fictitious cession, debtors or even detecting suspicious transactions.

Merger & Acquisition Investigations, from checking mergers and acquisitions to checking corporate transactions and hostile company take-overs.

Due Diligence Investigations and analysis

Background check investigations, namely integrity investigations and analysis, as well as as analysis of the professional conduct of business partners, clients, partners or even current or potential employees.

Litigation investigations and consulting

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Corporate Anti-fraud Investigations, such as investigation and prevention of unfair competition, including done by the employees.

Anti-fraud Investigations in Insurance, from investigating clients and insured events to investigation regarding the truthfulness of the declared events and of the presented documents, from investigations in damage files that involved bodily injuries and deaths to activities for the identification or location of vehicles declared to be involved in road events.

Fraud Investigation in Agriculture

Smuggling and Counterfeiting Investigations

Corruption Investigations

Money Laundering Investigations: fighting against and preventing money laundering

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Due Diligence and Risk Management

Crisis Communication

Specialised Legal Consulting

Undercover investigations and other complex investigations focused on the business of the company that used the services of investigators, in order to identify, document and destroy, regardless of the level of difficulty, criminal networks that materially or reputably harm the beneficiary of the services.

Regardless of the type of investigation carried out, the role of a private investigator is to collect information, proof and evidence and to hand it over to his/her employer.

Within SPIA, all investigations shall be carried out by strictly observing human rights and freedoms and the legal provisions in force. Specific investigative activities do not collect data or information about the private life, family or other privacy details of the suspect’s person or family, nor do they violate or interfere with their fundamental rights.

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