As leader of the Romanian new generation of private investigators, SPIA actively contributes to the effort of raising awareness of both the public and the business environment on the imprint of the fraudulent phenomenon, its consequences and the existing prevention measures and anti-fraud investigations.

To a greater or lesser extent, whether they are aware of it or not, all companies are affected by the fraudulent phenomenon. 47% of the companies that participated in PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020 – a global study on identifying and combating fraud globally – said they had faced internal, external or mixed fraud in the last two years. This is the second highest level in the last 20 years!

Internationally, occupational fraud, committed by employees, generates, on average, losses of more than 5% of a company’s income, as shown by the studies of ACFE- the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and provider of anti-fraud training and education.

However, although it is a real threat to every sector of the economy, fraud can be prevented, controlled, proven and punished, while the damage, recovered. In this regard, SPIA’s results obtained in the 12 investigations carried out in the last 3 years are a real proof: 6 million euros is the estimated value for the identified and documented prejudice. By extrapolating, we better understand just how big and serious the imprint of fraud is on companies, whether state or private.

The good news is that solutions do exist. Fighting fraud and managing fraud’s risk must not be uncharted territories. Processes and procedures, specific techniques, necessary tools, specialists and legislative framework, all these are topics little known by the Romanian business environment. We want to change that!

The first step we can take together is to remove the negative perception of acknowledging the existence of the fraudulent phenomenon in a company. The more we talk about fraud – from prevention to dismantling, from vague signals to patterns, from how we identify and how we assess or recover the suffered damage – the closer we are to protecting the interests of the company and those of its stakeholders.

Since its first edition this year, FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA is announced to be the largest event in Romania dedicated to the imprint of fraud on the economic environment of our country. FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA will bring together on stage top representatives of industries and companies that have managed to control the phenomenon, specialists in the prevention, identification and dismantling of illegal groups services and representatives of authorities and associations.

We invite you to find out more about FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA.