Investigation services

Energy investigations

The energy field, characterized by a very high level of specialization and complexity, has proven to be one of the most targeted fields by various fraudulent practices, the company having to adapt to the specific characteristics of the market.

Thus, after a long professionalization process, we specialized in identifying and documenting all the causes that generate non-technical losses, being considered some of the best investigators in this field. The acquired knowledge was supplemented and strengthened based on the practical experience gained from the contracts carried out with top companies in the energy sector, completed by obtaining data and information that resulted in the destructuring of organized groups specialized in energy offenses. We believe that the results are all the more remarkable as they have based the recovery of the damages suffered by the beneficiaries and have actively supported the preventive intention as well.

Agriculture investigations

We provide consultancy and specific investigation activities to companies in the agricultural sector to detect and destructure the criminal networks that operate in order to defraud the beneficiary entities. In this regard, we provide our services to ensure that your investment is properly sized and allocated according to your business needs, preventing any distortion of expenses or theft of material assets.

Insurance investigations

We have extensive experience in identifying, documenting, investigating and proving fraudulent activities in the field of all types of insurance, as well as in complex criminal law litigation regarding embezzlements, abuse of office, deception with particularly serious consequences, committed by former employees and/or contractual partners.

Real estate investigations

The constantly changing economic climate generates a perennial framework for the development of fraud through different methods. By using our services you can benefit from the accuracy, authenticity and validity of a targeted transaction, or the reliability, solvency and genuineness of a potential business partner.

Specialized legal support

Law enforcement in all undertakings is a constant concern of the company, as it is absolutely necessary that specific actions do not exceed the legal framework. In compliance with the above-mentioned principle, the company collaborates with the most representative law firms in Romania, making sure that obtaining the requested data fully meets the legal and/or judicial conditions of admissibility as evidence.

Provided services

• Complex investigations (using the entire investigative spectrum, the specific methods, means and techniques, according to the law) carried out in connection with the activity of legal entities;

• Obtaining information regarding active trading companies, finding ghost companies channels, fictitious assignments;

• Verification of clients and insured events;

• Verification of proven or fictitious assets;

• Checking/preventing unfair competition from employees;

• Verification of the data found in the resumes of employees or future employees, of the integrity and loyalty of employees, future collaborators, clients, etc.;

• Verification of the movable or immovable property of the employees, their loyalty/confidentiality and extra-professional behaviour; Introducing an undercover agent in different environments, places or companies in order to identify and document the methods of fraud (theft, embezzlement, other illicit acts associated with their capacity as employees), their main exponents and/or illegal beneficiaries, and the evaluation the damage caused;

• Translation of expertise and counter-informative training for companies;

• Investigations regarding individuals (identity by description, location, heritage, group relations, sources of income, nature of business, etc.);

• Any other situations that require carrying out qualified activities of observation, surveillance or investigations related to persons, goods, facts, data and circumstances that are the subject of this activity, with strict compliance with the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal provisions.