Antifraud Investigations

Antifraud Investigations

Anti-fraud investigations are aimed at investigating and collecting evidence of fraud that has taken place or could take place. The ultimate purpose of the anti-fraud investigation service is to identify the elements that led to fraud, to detect and improve the effects of the fraud produced.

Fraud is an act of bad faith, a deception committed in order to obtain material profit, by infringing one’s rights or misleading one’s trust.

Compared to individuals, companies are much more exposed to fraud because the material benefits obtained from their fraud can be very high. Companies and organizations without sound fraud management models can more easily fall victim to these practices. That is why it is imperative to conduct anti-fraud investigations and to set anti-fraud protection practices.

The types of anti-fraud investigations described below, each with specific methodologies, are just a few examples of industries that are very often exposed to fraud.

The truth is, however, that no company in any industry is fully released of the risk of fraud. Based on their experience, SPIA’s specialists can address and investigate any threat of fraud looming over a company, even if the field in which it operates is not listed below.

One of the most exposed industries is insurance. Anti-fraud Investigations in Insurance aim to investigate customers and insured events, investigations into the veracity of declared events and documents submitted, investigations into damage cases involving injuries and/or deaths, investigations into the history of vehicles by analysing damage records per vehicle or specific activities for locating and/or identifying vehicles declared to have been involved in traffic events. Insurance fraud and fraud are among the biggest issues this industry is facing. As such, the insurance fraud investigation service is a crucial defensive line, in order to identify and eliminate illegalities specific to the insurance field.

Corporate Anti-fraud Investigations aim at investigating and preventing unfair competition, including from employees. Large companies and corporations are preferred targets for fraud because of their high earning potential in the event of successful fraud. In addition, complex corporate structures often ensure that the perpetrator disappears without a trace, following the perpetration of a crime.

Anti-fraud Investigations can also be conducted in Agriculture, M&A (Merger & Acquisitions), to identify and prove smuggling and counterfeiting, to Fight Against and Prevent Money Laundering and Corruption.

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Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, the risks of fraud is high. We can carry out a risk analysis that will reveal the vulnerabilities of the business and those segments which require better protection.

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If you find yourself in a situation when prevention is too late and you suspect a fraud is already ongoing or is about to take place, contact us, briefly explain the challenge you are facing and we will guide you so that you find out the truth and be protected.

Our Process

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1. Briefing. Understanding the case.

You tell us what your situation is, why you think you need a team of private investigators and what you expect as a result. We will make additional checks to understand your field, the company and case very well, then we will return to you with proposals. Everything happens under the utmost confidentiality!

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2. Action plan. Proposing how to approach and resolve the case.

Depending on what you present to us, the market you are in and the prior documentation we carry out, we will provide at least a viable proposal for approach and solution. We will explain, step by step, what is going to happen so that you also understand very well what the work of private SPIA investigators entails. Together, we will establish a team and we believe that it is vital for you to be involved in all aspects.

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3. Carrying out the actual investigation and data collection.

This is something we can’t talk about. But, in short, this is the part where the SPIA team of investigators puts into practice the plan we were discussing earlier.

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4. We speak the truth! Final reporting, data interpretation and assistance.

Any data we collect through the specific investigation activities will be included in a concise and eloquent report. The data will be interpreted and the corresponding suggestions will be issued. We can provide specialised legal consulting and even crisis communication.

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