Corporate investigations

Corporate investigations

Corporate Investigations is something that you have probably heard more and more often as your company, or the one you are part of, has developed.

But how do you know when you need such services from a private investigations agency?

Fraud is one of the contexts that require business intelligence investigations or corporate investigations. A company is vulnerable to fraud both externally and internally. This phenomenon can take many forms, from embezzlement to scams, bribes or more or less complicated scams. The business environment requires this type of service in two situations: preventive, in order to prevent possible fraud, or to document it, to gather evidence in a case for which there are suspicions of fraud. A team of private investigators can work in a corporate investigation on their own or can team up with the company’s anti-fraud department and internal investigation team.

Situations involving mergers and acquisitions are also an appropriate context for business investigations. Basically, by contracting corporate investigation services, you ensure, among other things, of the integrity of business partners and the veracity of the intentions and documents provided by them.

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This type of crime is called white collar crime by specialists in the field. It can have dramatic effects on the stability of a company, often even irreversible, and can affect both the company’s revenue and its reputation. Thus, minimizing risks through corporate investigations is not only necessary, but  a priority.

Acvila SPIA Romania

SPIA Romania has a team of specialists who can solve even the most tortuous cases through specific techniques of corporate and business intelligence investigations.

The Romanian business environment is facing more and more the need for corporate investigation services. The development of the business environment, the evolution of private companies and the economic progress of Romania have significantly increased the risk of crime in the business sector. As a result, more and more companies are turning to agencies specializing in corporate and business intelligence investigations, whether we are talking about corporations or small and medium-sized companies.

Business investigation services are nothing new. In more developed markets, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, companies frequently seek the advice of business intelligence specialists to identify and eliminate fraud risks early, and also to combat the negative effects of a crime already committed to the business.

The opening of the Romanian business environment to the global market brought with it many commercial advantages, but it also had the “import” of some vulnerabilities for business security as a consequence. The risk of fraud, the espionage specific to the corporate environment (also known as economic espionage), corruption or illegitimate business practices are only some of the problems that companies face today. These challenges, relatively new on the domestic market, have created the need for professional corporate investigation services, dedicated to solving all business intelligence problems and providing ongoing support to partner companies in dismantling the criminal phenomenon they may face.

The sensitive nature of corporate fraud, the structural complexity of the company (especially in case of multinationals), time and resource constraints and the anonymity of perpetrators often make it difficult or even impossible to solve the problem by calling in the business’ internal resources. This is where an agency specialized in business intelligence steps in, bringing along its experience in conducting corporate investigations, specific knowledge of business investigations, as well as specialized resources dedicated to effectively solving the problem facing the business. Business investigation skills are complemented by a strict commitment to customer’s discretion.

The SPIA Romania team offers a wide range of complex corporate investigation services, gaining extensive and highest level experience in business intelligence. Our investigations reveal crucial information that helps our partner companies understand the situations and risks of corporate fraud they face and make the best decisions, in full knowledge of the facts.

We understand that, at the commercial level, the stakes are very high, and the application of wrong business intelligence tactics can have serious consequences on the company’s turnover and image. Therefore, the corporate investigation services provided by SPIA are tailor-made. In other words, we offer exclusively personalized consulting, precisely structured on the needs of the businesses we work with. We provide business intelligence at the highest level of professionalism, oriented towards solving challenges of any kind, whether the client’s company wants to minimize the risks of corporate fraud or it is already facing damage. We take care of the entire investigation process and offer permanent support to the client throughout the project.

The business sector in Romania has considerably developed in the last years, which has led to a high operational complexity in the corporate environment. As such, the needs of corporate intelligence have become very complex and varied. Prevention operations, risk scenarios and fraud cases require complex corporate investigation services, covering a wide range of skills.

A certain situation that requires the involvement of a business investigation agency is fraud. A company is exposed to the risk of external and internal fraud. From scams, financial fraud or scams to embezzlement, the criminal act can take many forms and the company’s image or even its financial security often depends on its detection. The fraud investigation process is most of the times complicated and laborious, involving a dedicated team with proven experience in that field. Given this complexity, companies often do not have the necessary resources to conduct such an investigation, which is why internal solving becomes difficult or even impossible.

Another context that makes it necessary to work with a business intelligence agency is the investigation of business partners. This type of investigation aims to verify your business partners, potential partners or companies involved in a merger and acquisition process. Such a corporate investigation seeks to ensure the integrity of the business partner, the accuracy of the documents or information provided, compliance and legality of the operational framework, as well as due diligence issues. As in the case of fraud investigations, the company does not often have the resources necessary to carry out such an operation, the intervention of a corporate intelligence agency becomes imperative.

Last but not least, cases of bribery or clientelism, conflicts of interest and other similar abuses in the service can cause serious damage to a business. In many cases, such irregularities remain undetected and can occur over a very long period of time.

White collar crime can have dramatic effects on a company’s stability, reputation and credibility. In the present business environment, one characterized by dynamism, the prevention of such incidents, reducing the risks and the investigating the illicit facts have become not only necessary, but a priority. The private investigations agency SPIA Romania provide companies with professional services of corporate investigations and business intelligence, having a rich experience in solving corporate intelligence cases in various fields of activity.

Our process

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1. Case’s presentation and understanding.

Basically, you tell us why you think you need corporate investigation services in order for us to understand the case we are going to work on. We will conduct a preliminary series of business intelligence investigations. Everything happens, of course, under absolute confidentiality.

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2. The action plan. SPIA specialists provide the approach they consider to be best, in order to solve the case.

This is the second step and represents the presentation of how we will approach the case for the successful solving of the case you entrust us with. We explain to you what is going to happen and why. We are teaming up with you, so you must know all the details.

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3. Putting the plan into action, conducting the actual corporate investigation and collecting data.

This aspect will be treated only in private, but this is the step in which the previously agreed action plan is put into practice by SPIA’s investigators.

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4. We are telling you the truth! Final reporting, data interpretation and assistance.

This is the final step and the moment you will find out the truth and the way things happened. We will present to you the collected data, we will interpret them and we will make the necessary suggestions. We can offer you specialized legal advice and even crisis communication.

Ask us.