Due Diligence and
Risk Management


The stability of a business can be threatened by many different risk factors. Some of them are visible, known or specific to the industry, which allows companies to address them directly and implement measures to counteract, partially reduce or at least control these risks.

The most dangerous risks, however, are hidden ones. But fortunately, there is a solution to this.

Due diligence involves investigating, identifying and analysing risks in various industries or business segments.

From financial due diligence , fraud risk analysis or tax evasion risk, to risk analysis for corruption, the range of areas where SPIA can offer this service is extremely varied and complex.


Either the risk has been identified as a result of the analysis or it was already known, the Risk Management service refers to counter-information investigations and training activities. More specifically, SPIA’s specialists will provide the Due Diligence service, so that the client is advised and taught how to protect your company and its interests against risks of various kinds.

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Both Due Diligence and Risk Management are two prevention services, designed to prevent fraud of any kind and to protect a company from threats to its stability.

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Prevention is a healthier and less expensive solution than the serious consequences of vulnerabilities ignored by the company and exploited against it.

Our Process

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1. Let’s get to know each other.

Let’s get to know you and your company. We make sure we understand the needs, then we start a preliminary investigation process and analysis. The purpose is to outline the information about your company, the environment in which it operates, how it operates and the related industry segment, in order to identify risk factors. Everything happens under strict confidentiality!

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2. Risk analysis.

The investigation and analysis reveals information and details that help us correctly identify vulnerabilities. We will present, explain, interpret them to you and, at the same time, we will propose the most suitable plan to help you eliminate the weaknesses of your company. In this stage of the due diligence process, we make sure that the risks to your business have been identified and that your company’s response to these factors will be conducted in accordance with an applied and well-defined strategy.

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3. Risk management.

Together we will form a team and stay with you for implementation. Risk management requires a long-term commitment, and we will be by your side, in order to eliminate risk factors from the company. We want you to be one step ahead of the challenges and we want to make sure everything is set up correctly.

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4. Final reporting.

No due diligence project and risk management is released without a debriefing session with all entities involved in its development and implementation. This is the only way we can be sure that everyone understood their role, what was good and what could be improved. By doing so, we make sure not only that the risk analysis has achieved its purpose and that the risk factors have been eliminated, but also that a culture of prevention of future vulnerabilities and risks has been built. This detail helps us each to advance, to gain experience, to evolve.

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