Specific Investigations

Specific Investigations

The situations in which a company has to use the services of a private investigation agency are varied and complex. But they all have in common the need to know the truth and, consequently, to take all necessary measures to protect the interests of the company or its shareholders.

The team of SPIA’s specialists is certified and authorized to carry out multiple types of investigations, even in high-difficulty areas, which require multiple specializations.

Economic and Financial Investigations aim at investigating and proving fraud or attempted financial fraud. The investigations carried out in this segment include locating debtors, investigating financial disputes, verifying and/or securing investments, detecting suspicious transactions, investigating certain or fictitious assets, ghost company chains and fictitious assignments.

M&A (Merger & Acquisitions) Investigations refer to the verification of mergers and acquisitions, public procurement, the investigation of corporate transactions and even investigations into hostile takeovers.

Background Check Investigations aim to verify the history and professional conduct of business partners, employees, customers and current or potential employees. Companies can also fall under this type of investigation.

Corporate Investigations target attempts to defraud a company by one or more employees, by a third party or even by people on the management board.

Litigation Investigations support the parties to a dispute or their lawyers.

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In addition, other types of investigations can be performed, such as investigations aimed at identifying individuals and their activities, investigations aimed at the activity of the beneficiary company, investigations to locate people, their relational circles, investigations to establish degrees of kinship in cases regarding the vocation to succession or beneficiaries of compensations and Due Diligence Investigations.

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If you don’t know exactly what kind of investigation your company needs, contact us, briefly explain the challenge you face, and we will guide you to find out the truth and stay protected.

Here’s how things will turn out.

Our Process

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1. Briefing. Understanding the case.

Tell us about your challenge and what your suspicions are. We will carry out a preliminary investigation to help us understand your context and the segment of the industry in which you operate. Everything happens under the utmost confidentiality!

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2. Action plan. Proposing how to approach and resolve the case.

The second step is to present the proposed approach and how we see a viable solution to the case with positive results. We also make sure that you understand what is going to happen and why. We will team up with you and keep you updated at all times.

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3. Carrying out the actual investigation and data collection.

We will only talk about this in private, but this is where the SPIA investigators put into practice the plan we agreed upon together.

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4. We speak the truth! Final reporting, data interpretation and assistance.

In the end, we present you all the information we have collected for you and your company. The report is concise and eloquent, the data is interpreted and come with the necessary suggestions. We can provide specialised legal consulting and even crisis communication.

Ask us.