WHISTLEBLOWING -the system used by whistleblowers to report irregularities -

WHISTLEBLOWING -the system used by whistleblowers to report irregularities -

In many cases, the discovery and investigation of corruption, forgery, conflict of interest, corporate fraud or breach of other legal and ethical provisions is based on information provided by the so-called whistleblowers.


The European Whistleblowing Directive, approved by the European Union in 2019 and transposed into Romanian law by the “Law on the protection of public interest whistleblowers”, provides for the obligation of public and private companies with more than 50 employees to implement secure and anonymous channels through which employees or collaborators can report irregularities, fraudulent practices or other illegal actions. The Whistleblower Law also requires companies to establish effective measures and procedures for the protection of persons who report breaches committed in the organization, called whistleblowers.


According to the Whistleblowing Directive, companies can work with third parties to help them identify and implement reporting channels (whistleblowing systems), establish strict procedures and communication models, but also to adopt models of reaction, intervention and response to the notifications reported by the whistleblowers.


With more than 10 years of experience in anti-fraud investigations, SPIA specialists offer companies covered by the “Law on the protection of public interest whistleblowers” a complete package of services, covering all 3 action spectra: prevention & education, implementation of the reporting solution and concrete post-reporting measures & actions, as follows:


Awareness and education workshops for company employees, aimed at informing and raising the level of awareness of employees about the types of fraudulent activities, professional, personal and criminal effects of the involvement in illegal actions, the communication channels available to them to report illegal acts – whistleblowing, but also how they should react to unforeseen situations. The sessions dedicated to employees are intended to facilitate the implementation of the Whistleblowing Directive within the company and to encourage them to report illegal acts of which they are aware, while ensuring their full confidentiality.


A complex digital solution for the whistleblowing reporting system, in the form of an application that provides the full range of necessary services and which can even be in the white-label form, for a personalization 100% aligned with your brand. The application provides all the necessary steps for the reporting process, from access to the reporting channel, materials needed to communicate the implementation within the company, investigating the issues reported by whistleblowers, informing the management board, legal advice and response to the whistleblower who reported the incident. The entire process is confidential and secure for both the company and the public interest whistleblower.


The post-reporting investigations support companies that have implemented the provisions of the “Law on the protection of public interest whistleblowers” and aim to carry out complex investigations to identify the circumstances and causes of committing the illegal acts reported by the whistleblower.


Collaboration with SPIA investigators provides entrepreneurs and managers with the opportunity that, at the end of the corporate anti-fraud investigations carried out, they will have most of the elements they need to make the best decisions regarding the correctness of the issues reported by the whistleblower through internal reporting channels or other means. The conclusions of the final investigation report support the decision of the decision-maker in relation to those involved or, as the case may be, for notifying the competent authorities.


The specialist consultancy for the implementation of the provisions of the European Whistleblowing Directive is a service intended to assist companies in aligning with the legal provisions, by training the persons appointed to implement the whistleblowing warning system, monitoring the implementation of procedures, carrying out information activities for employees regarding the public interest whistleblowing and specialized assistance in the protection of whistleblowers.

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The team of SPIA specialists providing this service includes investigators, lawyers, experts in the protection of whistleblowers, the prevention and fight against corruption, the management of relations between anti-corruption structures and anti-corruption policies.

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In the case of companies with similar activity, which are in business relations or which are part of the same group of companies, SPIA specialists can implement a common whistleblowing reporting system.

Our Process

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1. We get to know each other.

In the first stage of the process, we get to know each other and you tell us what is the challenge you are facing. Not before signing an NDA, to ensure that the entire discussion is conducted under total confidentiality.

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2. We find the best solution, together.

Depending on the need you expressed at the meeting, and the recommendations and expertise of our specialists, we propose the best solution, adapted, of course, to the specifics of your industry and company.

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3. Implementation.

No matter which of the above services you have opted for, we guarantee that the implementation will be done with 100% professionalism.

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4. We stay with you.

We have partners, not clients. We will stay with you and your company even after the previous stage has been completed. We are one call or email away and we support you whenever you need help for a fraud-resistant business.

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