About SPIA

Leader of the Romanian new generation of private investigators, SPIA – Secret Private Investigations Agency, was founded in 2012, in order to offer the local business environment tailor-made  private investigation services, which guarantee companies access to the latest specific investigation methods and techniques.

SPIA’s exclusive focus on the corporate environment, without serving individuals or domestic cases, has resulted in the specialization of its investigators in complex industries. The investigated cases become more and more complicated, as the fraud methods are discovered by the investigators, then changed and perfected by the illicit persons or groups.

Professionalism, trust, integrity and total discretion are the values and, at the same time, the pillars on which SPIA is built. Each one characterizes us and, implicitly, our working method.

Trust is the binder that holds every component of Secret Private Investigations Agency together. From the client entrusting us with the most sensitive and vulnerable aspects of his/her business to his/her confidence that, following the investigations, we will discover and tell him/her the truth; from the trust that SPIA investigators have in each other when they are on the field, undercover, to the trust we have in our team of over 80 employees and collaborators that they will be able to conclude the investigation and find out the truth, as we always do.

Professionalism and conduct of investigators is one of the main employment criteria, when, following numerous tests, they are accepted inside SPIA’s team. The trainings and specializations in which we constantly invest aim not only to improve them as specialists in the field, but also to deepen the ways in which their language, behaviour, ethics and professional reputation can be improved.

Full discretion is the fundament without which the SPIA business could not be carried out in the best and safest conditions. The purpose of full discretion is not only to protect investigators and their specific activities, but also to carry out the client’s business, reputation and business relations.

Within SPIA, all investigations are carried out strictly according to human freedoms and liberties, as well as with the legal provisions in force. In addition, our working methods and equipment used abide by the international quality standards. We have implemented standards on quality management (ISO 9001), information security (ISO 27001) and occupational health and safety management (ISO 45001).

Integrity is a requisite not only for the SPIA team and the way we conduct our business, but also for our clients. We pride ourselves on selecting our partners and choosing to work only with those who have the same healthy beliefs as us.

Our mission? Identifying the immediate risks and the indisputable evidence necessary for companies, through personalized investigation services, private supervision and specialised legal advice.

SPIA’s vision, that of being the first choice of Romanian companies that want to protect their interests by finding out the truth, is not only a business goal, but also a professional and personal challenge for each member of our team.
For us, We are telling you the truth!  is a promise we make to the end, even if the truth discovered after the SPIA investigations may create discomfort.